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CuBeD™ Bath Blocks

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Alongside the ancient self-care practices of massage and acupuncture, is the art of soaking. From mineral waters to hot springs, our ancestors received many benefits by simply utilizing nature’s gifts and allowing the body to soak and relax. At Ancient Aromas, we now offer you the ability to make your next soak more satisfying with our CuBeD™ Bath Blocks! Each CuBeD™ Bath Block is created with 50mg of Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol and a proprietary blend of nature’s gifts.

So the next time that you sit in traffic for hours, stand on your feet all day, or just find that the day just isn’t going your way – seek out the water and take a soak with one of our CuBeD™ Bath Blocks! You’ll soon find yourself moisturized, soothed, and relaxed!


Mango & Coconut

Spruce & Patchouli

Ylang-Ylang & Ginger

Peppermint & Wintergreen

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