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Yoga Class


Butts & Guts

Strength and cardio exercises that focus on your glutes and core

Curls & Crunches

Mix of strength and cardio based workout for your arms and abs to give you strength and confidence. 

Tight Fit

Total body workouts with a mix of cardio and strength to help work those tough areas

Total Body Reset

Reset your body with stretching and foam rolling so you can continue to work those muscles.

Power Releases

"Use Those Legs" .... this is something we hear when doing compound movements with this class. You will release all of your power and strength through this leg focused training. 


Combine your breath with your movement, and feel the natural flow of your body. 

Private Hot Yoga

Embark on a truly transformative wellness journey that will elevate and nuture your well-being. Hot yoga, renowned for its invigorating power, strengthens your physical prowess, boosts flexibility, and clears the clutter from your mind. Our unparalleled fusion with heated Halotherapy breathes new life into your practice. 

This exceptional effects of Halotherapy's deep respiratory clean empowers you physically, assists mental clarity, and strengthens your immune system. Simutalneusly, the salts antibacterial properties help to clear imperfections from the skin, resulting in healthier, rejuvenated skin, and act essentially as an anti-aging treatment. By embracing the harmonious union of hot yoga and halotherapy, you embark upon a tailored path that will forever redefine your perception of wellness.

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