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The Halo Sanctuary...

Our Salt Sanctuary is unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

Relaxing in our sanctuary gives you increased benefits compared to any other salt therapy room on the market today. 
Adding HEAT to your salt experience, opens your pores and expands your bronchioles , allowing the salt to penetrate deeper into your body! 
Adding SALT to your infrared experience, causes you to sweat more, which enhances the detoxing effects of the sauna!!


This sanctuary was created to engage all 5 senses for a truly transformative experience in an ALL-IN-ONE solution.

- Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) 
- Infr
ared Sauna Therapy
- Red Light Therapy 
- Professional Grade Chromotherapy
- Aromatherapy
- Meditation

Our unique sanctuary is the first-ever joint product development between the Infrared industry (Clearlight Infrared) and the Halotherapy industry (Halotherapy Solutions) to enhance the effectiveness of both modalities.

Learn more about each therapy by clicking the titles below.

Visit our Research & History page for more information.


We offer complimentary cool rags, dry towels, and a glass of cool, refreshing water to our guests. Luxurious plush robes and slippers are provided.


Feel relaxed, pampered, and refreshed in our beautiful, unique, multi-modality facility.


Our sanctuary holds up to 4 guests. Bring your friends and family with you, or enjoy a private session all to yourself.  There is no additional charge per person.

Children can enjoy the benefits of halotherapy and red light therapy with their parent(s)!

Taste the salty air...

Feel the warmth of the Far Infrared Sauna...

See the changing lights of the medical-grade chromotherapy...

Smell the custom blended essential oil...

Hear the soothing sounds of KSAra Guided Meditation...

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