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Gift Shop



 Currently, our gift shop is open every Saturday 9am-1pm and sometimes later in the day depending on client demand.

Our week day hours vary each week while we are analyzing our gift shop traffic patterns and working to meet client demand.

Look for our open sign, or check our Facebook page. 

You're always welcome to give us a call even if we aren't open, and when possible, we will open just for you!! 

Click HERE to purchase eGift Cards.

(Physical Gift Cards sold in our Gift Shop.) 


My name is Sarah Wolfe...

     My passion for natural, organic products began with my first experience with Aromatherapy while in massage school. From there, I dove into herbal remedies, nutrition, the multiple aspects of health, and became more aware of the importance of what I put INTO and ONTO my body.

     With few natural products available in my rural area, I began development of my own brand, OilyO. I carry a variety of essential oils, handmade bath products, along with some various handmade crotchet items.

      I began partnering with other small businesses, mostly women owned, to bring more high quality, natural products to my community. Now our store is stocked with a large variety of items that you are sure to love! Buy for yourself or as a kind gift for a friend or loved one.     

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